Book / Installation

Thames & Hudson published, ever so recently, a prolific profile of various designers in India; which was intricately put together by Dr. Phyllida Jay. The book, 'Fashion India', encompasses the very root of fashion in India as it taps into not just designers that have been around since the break of dawn of the India Fashion but also the ones that mass together as the younger ones. Harjosh is honoured to be a part of this literary and elemental initiative.

Design x Design

Design X Design is a joint initiative of Alliance Francaise de Delhi and Studio IF. The intention is to raise levels of appreciation within and nurturing connections across various creative communities as those amidst architecture/product/graphic, etcetera. Harjosh was invited to partake in the 6th edition, in the Apparel/Textile category alongside other creatively induced individuals from across India.


Androgyny has always been the thread looming all the pieces together when speaking of Harjosh’s articulation. The essence of the same was roused by the presence of motif 'razor', which holds an undue amount of strength as a symbol for vanity and is usually seen being used by all of us, who compose together to form the society. It is, indefinitely thus, instrumental in allowing us to alter the ever-present notes and keys left in places by nature. Here, the basic idea of shaving to groom yourself into a different type for a certain day sprays a religious coat of change.

Change is formative and is diligent; the metamorphosis of us into another version of ourselves via nothing but a gentle run of the blade.