The in-house clothing label of Atelier HSG.

Cultivation is an attempt in pursuit of a scheme that’s bigger than the individual.

It is a clothing company that designs evocative ready-to-wear staples with a singular focus towards upright quality. The brand is driven to design work, visioning society’s current point of view. Every piece made is an extension of the present-day thought executed into form.

The design venture contemplates fashion as a way of connecting the masses; and wishes not to set in mould an entire society, but to provide facility for one. At Cultivation, we follow no particular fashion seasons and create clothing year-round; generating and releasing albeit, in limited quantities, our new ideas as readily as we think them.

New times call for new measures and Cultivation finds itself working with the world in its optimal and combined effort to protect the environment, as only a healthy planet would accommodate our collective growth. From sourcing sustainable materials, utilizing dead-stock fabrics to remanufacturing our own old collections, and including other environment-friendly production practices; we take pride in being an inspired, thoughtful, and empathetic label. 

As a creative force, Cultivation wishes to do things in ways that surpass clothing.
Apparel here runs with a bigger agenda.